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Test Results

If you have had a blood/urine/stool/xray test, the result will be checked by a clinician and filed in your notes with a comment.

Most blood results will be processed within 48 hours. Urine and stool tests usually take 3 days. X rays can take up to one week to be processed. 

MRI, CT and ultrasound scan results will always need discussion with a clinician as they can be more complex. Please book follow up appointments either by phone or face to face to discuss the result. 

We ask that all patients contact the surgery to find out their results and to do so after 2pm to avoid busy periods. Results can also be checked online using your personal account.

In the majority of cases the result will be normal with no further action required. 

If the result requires more immediate action the clinician will contact you or will ask reception to do so. 

If you were advised by the clinician to book a follow up appointment for review (even if the results are normal) please do so.

To ensure confidentiality, we only release results to the patient, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed in writing.

If you are unclear about your results you can arrange a telephone or face to face appointment with a clinician.

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