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Repeat Dispensing - a leaflet for patients


Your GP has reviewed your records and decided your long-term health is stable enough for you to get your medicines from the pharmacy, without having to ring up or make a request online every month. This process is called Repeat Dispensing.


What is it Repeat Dispensing?

Your GP will contact the Pharmacy directly, arranging a batch of prescriptions , that a pharmacist can then issue without contacting the GP surgery and without the need for you to ring the Surgery every time you run out of medication.


How does it work?

Your GP will send prescriptions directly to your chosen pharmacy for a maximum period of 12 months. The prescriptions can be released by the pharmacist earlier than they are due in special circumstances, such as for long holidays or if medication has been lost.


What are the advantages?

This new system is designed to make things easier and safer for patients. It will also save paper, GP time, and reduce stock piling and wasted medications in the dispensary. The increased checks done by the Pharmacist will help identify any unwanted side effects. In addition, electronic Repeat dispensing saves time for patients, doctors and the pharmacist. It provides a robust audit trail that can easily be followed, and removes the problem of having to find paper scripts that can be lost.


Do I need to sign a form?

No, there are no consent forms to sign to set up your Repeat dispensing, however you should let us know that you are happy to go ahead with this system - you can do this simply by phoning Reception, or mentioning it at your next GP appointment.


Can all medicines be prescribed in this way?

No. ‘Controlled’ drugs such as morphine cannot be Repeat dispensed. If your GP felt you needed one of these medicines, they would be prescribed separately.


What happens if my hospital Consultant changes my medication?

Don’t worry, your GP will contact the pharmacist to notify them and issue a fresh supply of prescriptions with the new tablets or new dose, as appropriate.


What if I want to switch pharmacies?

It is not possible to have Repeat dispensing set up at several pharmacies for the same patient, therefore if you wish to change pharmacies, please see your GP to transfer the arrangements to your new chosen pharmacy.


Will my prescription costs change?

No, if you paid for prescriptions before this system, you will continue to do so.


What happens at the end of the 12 months?

The batch of prescriptions will last until your annual review appointment at the Surgery. This appointment will usually involve blood tests and/or blood pressure checks, and possibly an appointment with your GP to discuss the results of these tests, as well as your medications. If all is well, a further year of prescriptions can be arranged with your pharmacy. In the meantime, your pharmacist is able to confirm how many of the batch will still be available at any time and can inform patients when the batches will be due to run out.


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