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What are ANPs and what can they do?                                                                                                 


Advanced Practitioners are a group of experienced health professionals recruited from the NHS workforce who have gone on to undertake academically accredited advanced level training to extend their skills and abilities.  Advanced Practitioners can be drawn from any discipline who are registered professionals such as Nurses, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists and Paramedics. 

We prefer the term ‘Advanced Nurse Practitioner’ (ANP) to identify our Advanced Practitioners as coming from a nursing background.

An ANP can independently assess, diagnose, treat and follow up your care as a doctor would.  The Advanced Practice Masters degree is structured in a very similar fashion to the GP training scheme.  Our ANPs have unlimited prescribing authority like a GP. 

ANPs will be able to treat most clinical presentations with very few exceptions.  You will be advised of these during the appointment or before you book.

ANPs and GPs in the practice all work to the same standards, pathways and guidance.  You can book in to see our ANPs as you would a GP.  In statute, the only limitations to the ANP role is the requirement for death certificates and sick notes to be signed exclusively by a doctor.  If you need a sick note, an Advanced Practitioner will be able to arrange this during the appointment for later collection. 

On the rare occasion that there is a condition that our ANPs cannot treat, we guarantee you an appointment with a GP of your choice at the next available opportunity.

If you are interested in how Advanced Practice has developed in recent years, please follow the links below:

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